Shine On! Kids manages the event in collaboration with Club360, Empire Entertainment, and other corporate partners. All proceeds benefit Shine On! Kids' Hospital Facility Dog Program. Shine On! Kids supports kids with cancer and other serious illnesses in 30 hospitals throughout Japan.


Friday, May 31st, 2024
Doors open at 6:30pm


Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Custom Media presents
Executive Fight Night IX: The Game

For Executive Fight Night IX,Β Custom Media brings you this exciting app for viewing bouts, placing bets and donating. The innovative app lets you keep track of your winnings and earn bonuses for you and your table.

The app is easy to use and its instructions are simple.

How to register and donate

  1. At the event, you will receive a unique access code with program guide
  2. Access on your phone (Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Android), and enter your access code.
  3. Once logged in, find a Shine On! Kids volunteer to donate with your credit card (i.e. buying game points πŸ’Ž)

* When you use all the game points πŸ’Ž, you can follow step 3.

How to play

Make sure your account has enough game points πŸ’Ž to play!

  1. Select fighters and place your bet with game points πŸ’Ž
  2. You can bet on both fighters. When you win, you will receive ⭐


  • Top spender (highest donation)
  • Top winner (highest ⭐ points)
  • Top table spender (table with highest donation)
  • Top table winner (table with highest total ⭐)


Player achievements

Player’s total donations affect extra winning points they collected.

Player Donation Bonus Level Winning Points
Β₯20,000 🌟 +10%
Β₯50,000 🌟🌟 +30%
Β₯100,000 🌟🌟🌟 +50%
Table achievements

Table’s total donations affect extra winning points for everyone on the table, individual AND table winning points.

Table Donation Bonus Level Winning Points
Β₯50,000 🌟 +20%
Β₯100,000 🌟🌟 +50%
Β₯200,000 🌟🌟🌟 +100%