Shine On! Kids manages the event in collaboration with Club360, Empire Entertainment, and other corporate partners. All proceeds benefit Shine On! Kids' Hospital Facility Dog Program. Shine On! Kids supports kids with cancer and other serious illnesses in 30 hospitals throughout Japan.


Friday, May 31st, 2024
Doors open at 6:30pm


Grand Hyatt Tokyo

About James: Raised in abject poverty on the streets of Royal Buckinghamshire. Studied Sports Science at Uni, before shipping out to Japan for the first time in the early ‘90s. My wife, the legendary Mariko ‘The Dark’ Knight, fought twice at EFN winning both and retiring undefeated. Tough act to follow! Will give it a go and hope to raise some decent coin for the kids. Thanks to all who have donated to a great cause. It all helps and fear not. Any post fight reconstructive surgery and convalescence costs will come out of my own pocket!

Please remember, that your pledge directly supports Shine On! Kids and their Facility Dog Program. Shine On! Kids provides innovative, evidence-based psycho-social support programs to children in 30 hospitals throughout Japan.


Pledge fighters to spread messages of encouragement.


¥ 5,000
I said canvass not canvas!! Good knight and good luck!

Tom Flanagan

¥ 5,000
Give 'em hell, James!

Jair Riley

¥ 5,000
Good luck James!

Lesley Innes

¥ 2,000
If only I could pay you in Tech support - I'd be your number 1 financer...Looking forward to watching your victory! Lesley

Kaffeeklatsch Von Taisetsu

¥ 10,000
Remember the training!

Bruno Marchand

¥ 5,000
A lot of respect for what you're doing, all the best with the fight!

Shiori Statter

¥ 5,000

Simon Elsom

¥ 10,000

J. P. Dominici

¥ 10,000
Hope this helps with the charity collection. Good luck with the fight!