Shine On! Kids manages the event in collaboration with Club360, Empire Entertainment, and other corporate partners. All proceeds benefit Shine On! Kids' Hospital Facility Dog Program. Shine On! Kids supports kids with cancer and other serious illnesses in 30 hospitals throughout Japan.


Friday, May 31st, 2024
Doors open at 6:30pm


Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Official EFN IX
Fight Card Released


Start sizing up your favorite fights before the big event! We bring you the official EFN IX Fight Card.

Fight #1 Idit Greenberg (RED) vs. Elana Gilbert (BLUE)
Fight #2 Derek Simmons (BLUE) vs. Kerry Purcell (RED)
Fight #3 Christopher Orr (RED) vs. Daisuke Takashima (BLUE)
Fight #4 Shinataro Fukagawa (BLUE) vs. Karthi Indran (RED)
Fight #5 Keiko Ono (RED) vs. Jackie Alexander (BLUE)
Fight #6 Ben Roelandts (BLUE) vs. Vinh Tran (RED)
Fight #7 Daisuke Suga (RED) vs. Ben Runnacles (BLUE)
Fight #8 Colin Hilchey (BLUE) vs. Shimpei Noritake (RED)
Fight #9 Brendan Gallagher (RED) vs. Dominic Sumner (BLUE)